Current Location Lavalette, WV

Hometown Lavalette, WV

Experience Playing since 1982

Gigs Freelance

Gear Fender and Fender Derivatives

Day Job Consulting Electrical Engineer

Why I Started Playing Bass In my sophomore year of high school, I wanted to join stage band. I had recently been introduced to the playing of Geddy Lee, and that inspired me to choose bass. Other influences are John Entwistle, Bernard Edwards, and Louis Johnson, as well as hundreds of others.

Why I Play Bass Today I still enjoy playing, and maintaining my bass craft at a level of excellence required by any style or playing opportunity I may encounter. As one should progress and evolve in their day job and life in general, I enjoy keeping my sound and abilities contemporary.

Light Bulb Moment After several years of languishing as a room player, I attended a clinic presented by Dave LaRue in Clearwater, FL. Watching Dave's chops and tasteful use of effects motivated me to woodshed in the elements of playing that I never properly learned, or had become sloppy or lazy at. That bit of polish motivated me to jump into the local music scene, giving me ample gigging opportunities and winning the respect of local musicians and bandleaders.